Company Profile



SNA AUTOMATION INC. as an organisation specialises in the field of 'Business Automation' with a special emphasis on 'Retail Automation'. SNA AUTOMATION specializes in INSTITUTIONAL MARKETING for marketing products to Corporates, Government etc.

SNA AUTOMATION INC have been in the business of marketing Point-of-Sales Systems/ Electronic Cash Registers providing comprehensive Solutions to its valued customers covering diverse segments viz. Retail Stores, Canteens, Corporates, Co-operative Stores, Chain-Stores, Supermarkets etc. Our services comprise supply of equipment, Training, Implementation, Post-Sales Maintenance.

'SNA' has launched 'REGISTRAC' brand Billing Machines – conceptualised and designed specially for Retailing Industry and is being marketed on an All-India basis through its Distribution Channel across the country. 'REGISTRAC' has been developed keeping in mind a long-standing requirement of the Retailing Industry. Being fully indigenous product, 'REGISTRAC' carries features which are relevant for the current scenario as well as for future, making it a truly 'GENEXT' Billing System.

'SNA' has been successfully marketing its brand of Products through its Business Associates (Dealers) nationally. 'SNA' also has been OEM supplier of ECR machines to HCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD. (POS DIVISION) who in turn market the product under 'HCL' brand on an All-India Basis


'SNA' has diversified into a highly specialised field of UPS SYSTEMS and with this, the company has embarked upon a strategic plan to diversify into related business with an eye on GROWTH .

SNA AUTOMATION INC. provides After Sales Services & Support to the complete range of EATON On –Line UPS Systems in the capacity of CHANNEL PARTNER.

While doing so, we take care of all Power Conditioning needs of the users by way of providing Batteries and UPS Machines of above brands .

For this purpose, we bring along with us a vast experience of carrying-out Installations and Post sales maintenance through Trained Manpower and adequate stocks of Spares / Components to ensure maximum uptime of the client systems so that critical operations are conducted smoothly.


'SNA AUTOMATION INC' has been formed by a team of professionals having a vast experience in the fields of Marketing and Post-Sales Maintenance. The company has a team of trained Sales and Service Manpower who have had a long experience working with companies like ITC , BRADMA etc. Emphasis is given largely on Technical aspects and sound on – job training to all the Sales & Service personnel in order to:

  • Offer the most appropriate solutions.
  • Extend Efficient After-Sales-Service to all the valued customers
  • Ensure one-shot solutions
  • Ensure maximum uptime (MTBF) of equipment.
To this end, it is ensured that the Teams-Sales & Service are fully equipped with:
  • All requisite Selling material viz. Documents, Sales Kits, Presentation CDs etc. to carry-out sales of the products.
  • Industry Data, Facts & Figures which are updated from time to time in order to make a positive Impact over the prospective buyers.
  • Complete Service Kits consisting of modern tools for testing & Repairs.
  • On-job training/refresher courses to further hone the Sales & Technical skills in line with the current market requirements & technology.
  • All relevant spares & components to ensure prompt replacements. For this purpose, a system of 'Spare-Parts' Management has been put in place, which includes Sourcing, Stocking, Supplying & Replenishments.


We, at 'SNA' are highly focused on 'CUSTOMER' as the core of our Business Philosophy. With customer in focus, we continually strive for Excellence in Quality of our Products and Services. Efficient service to our esteemed customers occupies a prominent place in our scheme of things– FIRST TIME AND EVERYTIME, as we believe: